Lecture evening – From Séance to the laboratory (2017)

history of Dutch parapsychology

Poltergeist, clairvoyance, telepathy, dancing tables, ectoplasm and music from the afterlife. These are symptoms everyone has an opinion about, but how does science view these phenomena? In the 60s – 80s of last century, the Netherlands was a pioneer in the field of scientific research into paranormal phenomena.

 Stichting Het Johan Borgman fonds organised, in cooperation with Stichting Jonge Historici and the Descartes Centre (Utrecht University) an evening about the fascinating history of scientific research into paranormal phenomena on the 13th of April . During this evening not only history but also the role of generally accepted views on historiography was discussed.


Ingrid Kloosterman, promoted on the history of the Dutch Parapsychology, provides an introduction. Her book ‘Wetenschap van Gene Zijde’ appeared in the bookstores on the 1st of May 1st. Furthermore, Roosje Keijser, specialist acquisition of private archives at Het Utrechts Archief, discussed that evening the importance of the archives of the Dutch parapsychology collected by Stichting Het Johan Borgman fonds. At the end of the evening the attendees could shared their thoughts in a final discussion.