4th International Expert-Meeting on Clinical Parapsychology (2017)


On Friday, May 26th – Saturday, May 27th, 2017 the HJBF held the 4th edition in its International Expert Meetings series. This 4th edition was organized in close cooperation with dr. Nicole Bauer and took place at the Neue Universität in Heidelberg, Germany. The focus of this meeting was to exchange (personal) experiences and theoretical concepts in counseling related to religious and exceptional experiences. We have encouraged persons from a variety of backgrounds to participate. This year’s theme was: ‘The changing world, new media technologies and its influence on religious & exceptional experiences. Due to the demand, this expert Meeting was quickly fully booked.


Note: For everyone’s interest, download the book Perspectives of clinical parapsychology (2012) for free. This book was published based on the 1st International Expert Meeting.



Click on the pictures below to view the presentations. The presentations appear in order of the Expert Meeting program as to be seen in the Booklet 4th International Expert Meeting 2017 Heidelberg.



thumbnail of 00 Wim Kramer – Welcome and introducation

Wim Kramer 

Managing director of Het Johan Borgman Fonds

The Netherlands




 thumbnail of Eberhard Bauer- the elusive psi

Eberhard Bauer

Council, counseling & information & historical studies research coodinator at IGPP Freiburg I. Br.









thumbnail of Renaud Evrard- Ghost in the machine

Renaud Evrard

Assistant Professor at University of Lorraine







thumbnail of Piet van Veldhuizen – Psi experiences of Dutch Protestant Church members

Piet van Veldhuizen

Protestant church minister at Hendrik Ido Ambacht

The Netherlands




thumbnail of Erika Pratte – Online counseling & Exceptional experiences

Erika Pratte

PhD candidate at University of Northampton

United Kingdom




Edward James Dean

PhD candidate at University College Cork





thumbnail of 06 Gerhard Mayer – Sleep Paralysis V1

Gerhard Mayer

Psychologist at IGPP in Freiburg i. Br.








thumbnail of 07 Erika Wilson-The changing WVNSQPSE

Erika Wilson

Professor of Religious Studies (retired)

United States of America






thumbnail of 08 Walter von Lucadou – Embodiment Disorder


Walter von Lucadou

Leader of the Parapsygologische Beratungsstelle in Freiburg i. Br.







thumbnail of 09 Liane Hofmann- Spirituality and spiritual crisis


Liane Hofmann

Psychologist at IGGP, Freiburg  i. Br.







thumbnail of 10 Johannes Heim Family Curse

Johannes Heim

Psychotherapist for children and adolescents








Hermes Kick

Professor at IEPG , Mannheim (www.institut-iepg.de)


Further reading: Border Situation – Scientific Revolution Artistic Crises creativity and Identity in a process-dynamic





thumbnail of 11 Ullrich Kleinhempel – Partaking in Mediumistic Practise Presentation _URK_ Heidelberg 5-2017 (002)

Ullrich Kleinhempel

Pastor in upper secondary education


Further reading:The reception of the South African mediumship URK – Ullrich Kleinhempel





thumbnail of 12 Sarah Pohl – Paranormale Erfahrungen

Sarah Pohl

Counselor at Parapsychologische Beratungsstelle in Freiburg i. Br.