Harmonia, the Dutch leading spiritualistic federation preserved

On the 6th of April 2017, the last part of the Harmonia archive has been donated to the Het Utrechts Archief. This archival project of the leading spiritualistic federation in the Netherlands brings Het Johan Borgman Fonds (HJBF) one-step closer to preserve the history of Dutch parapsychology as a scientific activity and make the contents publicly available.


What is Harmonia?

Harmonia is the Dutch federation of Spiritualism established in 1888 under the name ‘Spiritirische Vereeniging Broederbond ‘Harmonia’. Founded on the conviction that life does not end after dead, the members of Harmonia were convinced contact was possible with spirits of the afterlife. Therefore paranormal activities were the interest of Harmonia, which consider this spiritualism to be a way of life.


All with their own interpretation on this matter, many chapters and sub-chapters arose throughout the Netherlands. The coordination of these different chapters was in the hands of the General Board that was responsible for promoting the idea of spiritualism as a belief, monitoring the quality of the performance of mediums and producing (propaganda) literature on spiritualism.


Nowadays Harmonia has about 450 members within the remaining 10 independent chapters. These chapters are based in Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Leeuwarden, Tilburg, Utrecht, Vught, Zaanstad and Amersfoort.

Photo: Mr. Snoek and other members of Harmonia at the Ambachtstraat 12, Utrecht (1925)



Contents of the Harmonia archive

Het Johan Borgman Fonds created this archive by assembling the 44 individual archives of Harmonia chapters and documentation of former members.
The content of this archive ranges from spiritual brochures and books to a unique collection of spiritual magazines, like Het Toekomstige Leven, Ons orgaan, Spritistische bladen and Harmonia Nederland.

It also encloses many documents such as minutes and personal information about its members and mediums. This archive has also an international importance because it contains correspondence with the International Spiritist Federation (ISF) that characterizes the relation between Harmonia and other international spiritualistic societies.


In brief: this comprehensive archive can give an insight in the spiritual Dutch federations between 1888 and 2015. The complete index is accesable via Harmonia Archive in the Het Utrecht Archief.




Jacoba C. Calkoen archive

Information about one of the most important members of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Spiritualisten ‘Harmonia’ in Utrecht is donated by the HJBF to the Letterkundig Museum. The index of the 9 handwritten manuscripts and the 34 (Sunday) preach written down in great detail by Jacoba C. Calkoen (1866-1944). This unique archive of Jacoba C. Calkoen that the HJBF donated is a significant addition to the Harmonia archive in the Het Utrechts Archief.