The famous Dutch Psychic Gerard Croiset

Stichting Het Johan Borgman Fonds (HJBF) has been working on collecting and indexing the collection of the history of parapsychology and spiritualism in the Netherlands since 2007, but we’ve never received as much as attention for a specific archive as we do now. The archive of the famous Dutch psychic, Gerard Croiset (1909-1980) has caught the attention of many. Croiset became world famous for his involvement in missing person cases and his collaboration with parapsychologist as prof. Wilhelm Tenhaeff and prof. Hans Bender. However, fame never lasts long and Gerard Croiset has disappeared from the collective memory in The Netherlands. Until now, a renewed interest in the persona of Gerard Croiset was sparked by a large article in the Dutch Newspaper NRC.

Ever since the publication of this article we’ve been receiving phone calls from researchers and people that have known Croiset. This interest has proved to us that collecting the archives of parapsychology and spiritualism in The Netherlands is valuable to many. It is the largest archive in the world of one well-known psychic that gives almost an complete insight in his life, work and ideas. For this reason the content of the Gerard Croiset archive is now publicly accessible. The article Het archief van paragnost Gerard Croiset by Maurice van Luijtelaar & Wim Kramer, is a clear summarized introduction about the various topics within the archive: Croiset as a healer and writer and his assistance to the police, correspondence with people from the Netherlands and abroad and demonstrations and physical experiments.

For those people who are interested in the original documents of the Gerard Croiset archive: the more than 100 boxes of this archive are assembled within one index. In this detailed document it is possible to search by topic, (case)name, type of document, place or date. The index is available in our office in Odijk for anyone who has had a connection with Gerard Croiset or who is simply interested in this unique psychic and man.

The impact of this archive is seen by the attention it has gotten from not only many individual people, but also various Dutch Media have asked us about this archive and to participate in the production of TV and radio programs about Gerard Croiset. Saturday the 15th of April on 21:20 The Dutch TV program, Andere Tijden broadcasted on NPO2 an insight into the persona of Croiset