Expert Meeting – Child and television (2008)

In 2008 an expert meeting was held in Decartes Centre at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. This expert meeting was based on the 1964 publication by the medical doctor Frits Wilmar on the influence of radio listing and television viewing on infants. Wilmar believed that watching television was definitely harmfully stultifying for younger than 10 years old and also for adolescents.

This conclusion got the attention of the national Dutch press. At this expert meeting the sixty participants evaluated the 1964 publication against new neurological knowledge within the framework of anthroposophical reasoning. The output of this expert meeting was published in ‘Over de invloed van radio en televisie op kleuters en jonge kinderen’. Translated: ‘About the influence of radio and television on toddlers and young children’, was written by Frits Wilmar, Peter van Domburg and Hugo Verburgh and appeared shortly after the expert meeting in 2008.