European Journal of Parapsychology

From 1971 – 1989 the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands housed the Parapsychology Laboratory. This laboratory was a division of the section of experimental psychology of the department of social sciences. The Parapsychology Laboratory was an experimental research oriented research group and was headed by Prof. Martin Johnson and Dr. Sybo Schouten. The laboratory published the European Journal of Parapsychology (EJP) and a Research Letter (RL).
The EJP had 4 issues per volume. The RL was published irregularly depending on the availability of relevant papers. After the Parapsychology Laboratory closed down in 1989 the publication of the Research Letter was terminated. In total 12 issues were published between 1971 and 1984.
The European Journal however was continued after 1989 by Dr. Adrian Parker in Sweden. Starting with Volume 8 (1990) the EJP now consisted of one issue per year. The last volume under his editorship was Volume 18 (2003).
Starting Vol. 19 the EJP was edited by Paul Stevens and published by The Koestler Parapsychology Unit of the University of Edinburgh as an on-line publication. Unfortunately the EJP was terminated after Volume 25 in 2010.
Since the early EJP’s and RL’s are hard to find nowadays, Dr. Michael Tremmel recently digitized these publications that were made available to him for free by the Dutch Foundation Het Johan Borgman Fonds.
We are in debt to the earlier publishers for there friendly given permission to let us make these early publications available for free downloading to all concerned.

Research Letter no. 1 (December 1971)

Research Letter no. 2 (March 1972)

Research Letter no. 3 (June 1972)

Research Letter no. 4 (November 1972)

Research Letter no. 5 (February 1974)

Research Letter no. 6 (February 1976)

Research Letter no. 7 (October 1976)

Research Letter no. 8 (October 1977)

Research Letter no. 9 (February 1979)

Research Letter no. 10 (August 1980)

Research Letter no. 11 (August 1981)

Research Letter no. 12 (May 1984)