Donate your documents

You can actually participate in preserving the heritage of (Dutch) Spiritism and parapsychology by donating all kinds of materials, such as documents, books, journals, photographs, audiotapes and artefacts. In this way you help to keep alive a fascinating and important part of the Dutch heritage that else will be lost.

Also you will make sure that future generations might study and evaluate the scientific progress and  theories that about the phenomenon as we knew them in the 20th century. By collecting the archives of the variety of parapsychological and spiritualistic movements and the personal archives of active in these fields, The Foundation ‘Het Johan Borgman Fonds’ stimulates research and knowledge within this field. It may be that you have piles of papers lying around on your attic or boxes in your basement containing information about the history of parapsychology or one of the people involved, that are of no use to you and you are willing to part from. Please donate this to our project.

In close dialogue, we can discuss the possibilities for your donation. You can find our contact details for e-mail, postal mail of phone under ‘Contact’, which is visible on every page. Please note that even if you think ‘my stuff of no value to anyone’, we can assure you that in many cases it turned out to be a missing link or even open a totally new field of investigations.