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History of Het Johan Borgman Fonds

The foundation ‘Stichting Het Johan Borgman Fonds’ (HJBF) was founded in 1969 by Mr. Johan Borgman (Groningen, 1889 – Oosterbeek, 1976). During his lifetime, Borgman was a very successful poet, natural healer and art painter living in Amsterdam from 1920 until 1969. After his wife passed away in 1963, Borgman decided to leave his estate to a foundation. It was stipulated in his will that this foundation should be active on bridging the gap between science and natural healing by stimulating research and education in these areas.


However, also stimulating arts and art history were important to him. His foundation would become active after his death. The first board, in honour of Mr. Borgman, took his will literally and held their charter meeting in Amsterdam just one hour after his funeral on January 14th, 1976.


Since this first meeting, HJBF has realized and financially supported numerous projects. These projects can roughly be divided into five categories: scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine, the preservation of archival materials related to the history of parapsychology and Spiritualism in the Netherlands, education, spiritualistic art and conferences covering a wide range of topics.


For more information about Johan Borgman see www.johanborgman.nl

HJBF team and office in Odijk

The HJBF team in the summer of 2016 in front of the office in Odijk, The Netherlands